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Some terms and conditions that will apply to your contract

Cabinet Makers Statutory Warranties

The Cabinet Maker provides the following Warranties Pursuant to the Act:

(a) The works will be carried out in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the Plans and Specifications set out in the contract.

(b) All Materials to be supplied by the Cabinet Maker for use in the Works will be good and suitable for the purpose for which they are used and, that, unless otherwise stated in the Contract, those Materials will be new.

(c) The Works will be carried out in accordance with, and will comply with, all laws and legal requirements including, without limiting the generality of this Warranty, the building Act 1993 and the regulations made under that Act.

(d) The Works will be carried out with reasonable care and will be completed by the date (or within the period) specified by the Contract.

(e) If the Works consist of the erection of construction of a home, or are Works intended to renovate, alter, extend, improve or repair a home to a stage suitable for occupation, the home will be suitable for occupation at the time the Works are completed.

(f) If the Contract states the particular purpose for which the Client wishes the Works to achieve, so as to show that the Client relies on the Cabinet Makers skill and judgment, the Cabinet Maker warrants that the Works and any Materials used in carrying out the Works will be reasonably fit for that purpose or will be of such a nature and quality that they might reasonably be expected to achieve that result; and

(g) Any Provisional Sum or Prime Cost Item sum included by the Cabinet Maker in the Contract has been calculated with reasonable care and skill, taking into account all of the information reasonably made, including the nature and location of the Property.