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Care and Maintenance

How do I care for my stone bench top? Most Stone brands come with their own warrant and guarantees and may require you to register your purchase online. Caesarstone for example will send you a care pack once you have completed this. We always recommend not putting hot pans and saucepans directly onto you bench top and avoid cutting and chopping on any surface. Citrus based foods such as Lemons, Tomatoes and onions can also burn stone when left uncleaned for long periods of time. We recommend using a bench top cleaning product that is design specifically for stone.

I have chipped my stone bench top, can it be fixed? 9 times out of 10 it can, contact us or your stone mason directly to arrange an appointment.

How do I look after my vinyl doors? Dark and gloss colours require more care and maintenance then lighter and lower-gloss colours, we recommend using a mild household cleaning product for darker colours. Vinyl  is a soft product so be sure to use something soft to clean with to prevent leaving fine scratches on the surface. Vinyl doors should be protected from strong direct daylight as continuous exposure may cause discolouration or fading over prolonged periods of time. Please refer to the brands specific care recommendations for more information

How do I remove scuff marks on my cupboards? Whilst we always endeavor to leave the job site as clean as it was before we arrived, some times, the internal cabinetry can be missed. We recommend Jiff, works every time. If you find that it still won’t come off please contact us for further advise.

What can I use to clean my glass or Metaline splashback? Everyday glass cleaner, or Mentholated spirits are suitable.

I have scratched my laminate bench top? Don’t worry, it may be possible to repair the damage, if not we can replace sections of bench top should the laminate still be available. Call us to make an appointment and we can have a look and advise the best possible solution. We can also replace whole bench tops and or re laminate existing and in some cases, without having to replace your splash back.

Why are my drawers not lining up? Once the bench tops are on and the installation is complete, sometimes you may require us to come back and do adjustments. Please contact the showroom to arrange a suitable time to do this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the showroom, anytime.